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    I have dealt with the same thing. I got off birth control about a month ago (side note: did your OBGYN just say stop it cold turkey because that is what mind said and that seems weird AF to me) because I was so emotional.I cried every day and felt like I had no control over my emotions. At my boyfriend’s suggestion I started looking into birth control.That is when my friend introduced me to this book called Beyond the Pill by Dr. Brighten. I would highly suggest you check it out.

    She says in her book that about three months after you stop taking BC you can have PBCS (post-birth control syndrome) which you might want to read more about to see if it is happening to you.You can always check out her website or IG if you don’t feel like reading the whole book but I found it very informative and helpful.

    I haven’t hit 3 months yet but I’ll let you know how it goes for me. Did anyone else get off BC and have their baby fever amp up like 1,000%???