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Madeline OleszkiewiczMadeline O

    Hi Hali,

    I am going through the exact same thing. I was diagnosed with PCOS and when I asked my doctors about having a baby and my fertility, they basically said ‘we won’t know until you try.’ Which is extremely frustrating!

    I also live a pretty healthy and active lifestyle so don’t understand what it could be. For me, I think a lot of it could be environment/stress? But not sure how to really fix it. I’ve heard going gluten and dairy free helps and actually doing low intensity workouts versus getting your heart rate up a ton. I’ve done elimination diets and never notice anything. I wish someone could just tell me exactly what to do!

    I don’t have any answers but wanted to let you know I am in the same boat, experiencing the same frustration and confusion and anxious about the unknown.

    Would love to follow along with this conversation.