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Vy FerereVF

    Hi Casey –

    I do intermittent fasting for a couple of months now. My norm has always been that dinner I love and I can live without breakfast. So I start eating around noon and try to eat my dinner around 6:30-7:30 window. I’ve read somewhere that for women we need to have a longer window to eat from 10am-7pm. I say try a couple of time frames that work for you and make you feel good.

    I have a friend that will eat at 10am, lunch at 2pm and dinner at 6pm and it works for her.

    I try to eat my meals that are home cooked and not processed but of course, I will have times where I will live and eat what I love. I downloaded the app Noom and it helped me understand how many calories I was intaking and how I can balance my meals that included ice cream and cake + exercising aka walking. I don’t pay for the services anymore however it made me build healthy habits and I was able to lose 12lbs and keep it off. I’m happy to go into more details if you have any questions.

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