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Madeline OleszkiewiczMadeline O

    Yes!! This is me to a T. I get so self conscious in bikinis and when getting intimate with my boyfriend. Sometimes they feel just like awful pimples that just won’t go away. I’ve tried all the alcohol rubs, ointments, etc. and they work to an extent but the thing that has really helped me the most is exfoliating and moisturizing!

    I stopped shaving and permanently switched to waxing (which has been very hard to maintain during a pandemic). I first did sugaring and my ‘sugaristas’ gave me a lot of great tips. I bought an exfoliating mitt that I keep hanging in my shower and I exfoliate my pubic area about every other day. This really helps get rid of all the dead skin. (I also throw my exfoliating mitt in the washer every week-2 weeks to keep it clean and it’s very easy). But takes patience!! They also recommended tea tree oil and rosehip oil which I use a small combination of and lather it up and then top it with ingrown hair ointments or pimple spot treatment. I used to be scared of moisturizers and oils and putting them there because I thought the bacteria would continue to grow with the moisture, but it really helps keep the skin and hair soft and prevents the dead skin buildup. I also stopped sugaring and now go to European Wax Center because I get much better results and lasts longer.

    Lastly, I completely got rid of all of my Lacey underwear and only wear cotton. Lace is the devil lol. I work out every single day (and used to do hot yoga before the pandemic) and all of the sweat and moisture down there makes it 10x worse. I also don’t like to wear cotton when working out so important to shower right away and switch into cotton underwear to allow the area to breathe.

    All of this has not completely solved my ingrown hair issues. I still get them but it is definitely not has bad as it used to be.