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Jordan Hohlfelder

    This is very similar to something I’ve been dealing with for about the last two years. I was diagnosed with acne rosacea out of nowhere which basically results in tiny red whiteheads on my cheeks and forehead. They don’t hurt so it’s not straight up acne or even hormonal acne but unfortunately there is no “cure” for rosacea. It’s all about what “triggers” your rosacea to flare up. I’ve been trying a bunch of different topicals per my derm along with low grade doxycycline. These have really not done MUCH to sooth or get rid of the inflammation so I too have started to look at foods to include and exclude from my diet that could be causing triggers. The internet says to exclude hot beverages (sad), spicy foods (also sad), and pay attention to how the skin reacts to eating specific items. This is obviously a super tedious process and I don’t find that for me consuming foods really triggers my skin inflammation.

    What does immediately trigger my inflammation is stress and heat. The internet lists emotional stress as a common trigger for acne rosacea. Enter 2020 and I’m feeling pretty screwed! It’s extremely difficult to manage stress and I don’t necessarily know the answer to managing my stress so that my skin doesn’t react, something I’m working through with both therapy and psychiatric help. For the heat aspect this comes in two forms – I can no longer back in the sun (sad) and when I work out and my face becomes hot that also seems to be a trigger. This one is especially difficult because while I would love an excuse not to work out, I also enjoy feeling good about my body so I am going to discuss what this means with my Primary Care Physician and Dermatologist with the expectation that they are going to suggest low impact workouts. So any suggestions there would be amazing!!

    All around I personally would suggest anything that has anti-inflammatory properties such as turmeric, antihistamines, etc. as far as natural homeopathy.