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    YES. I’ve been dealing with anxiety for what seems like forever at this point, and it got really bad last year. I started seeing a therapist and it really changed things for me, but it was also a gigantic undertaking and is draining my income because of course insurance doesn’t cover it.

    What I’ve noticed most of all is that while I feel better, my anxiety didn’t just…disappear…like I thought it would. I’ve sort of had to accept that I might always have some degree of anxiety, but sometimes it’s a good thing — it clues me in when something’s wrong or there’s something I’m not dealing with.

    When I’ve had spikes of it during the pandemic, I’ve tried to just stop what I’m doing and sit with it. Like, “OK, I’m anxious, but that’s fine. Sup anxiety.” Sometimes if I have time I’ll make a list of every single thing stressing me out and try to tackle it one by one and think through the root of each problem.

    I’m not sure if this tactic would work for literally anyone besides me, but mainly just know that you’re not alone ESPECIALLY when we’re in the midst of something terrifying on like, an existential level. I would love to meet a person who’s not anxious right now and learn their secrets!!