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Josie AwatinJosie Awatin

    Oh yes. The pandemic has significantly increased my paranoia and anxiety on contracting the COVID-19 virus especially with people being asymptomatic (and seeing people not wearing masks), the symptoms being similar to the flu and cold (a cough or a sneeze makes me feel like I have it) and the overall uncertainty of the vaccine. I also haven’t been able to motivate myself as much nowadays compared to the beginning of the pandemic so I haven’t been exercising as much. And this makes me feel guilty for not being as active to move around. However, what has been helping me is talking it out with a close friend and walking outside or driving around to just get out of the house for a bit. I also try to shift to a positive mindset whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed. I try to think of things I’m grateful for to really focus on what is important and staying in the present.