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    I can’t speak to this specific one but I have the skyla IUD and loveeee it. I had all sorts of terrible side effects from oral BC so I got this one 2 years ago. It hurt going in but the whole thing lasts < 2 mins so it’s bearable. I probably bled for 3 weeks or so after getting it but only had significant cramping the first day. Now I spot about once a month and have some cramps but the spotting only lasts ~1-2 days and is really light. I also have very few to no other side effects from it that I can tell (no mood swings, hair loss, weight gain, skin changes etc.). The only real downside is that it only lasts 3 years so I have to go get it replaced next year. I got the skyla because it’s the smallest and I was a total wimp about the pain so I heard this was the easiest from that perspective!