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Natalie EramoNatalie Eramo


    Thank you for starting this conversation because I was just asking my girlfriend about this last week.

    I’m not married, but I have been with my boyfriend for 2 year (next month) and I am always READY TO GO and have the best orgasms…but lately I have had NO DRIVE. Its like a fricken desert down there and its super embarrassing when my boyfriend is trying to set the mood but then stops bc I’m so dry.

    After talking to my married girlfriends and reading a few articles this is what I learned. (Nothing is medical or from doctors but just my experience)

    – Women are SO mental and all in our heads. I have to mentally be wanting to connect or have sex and turned on but I have to set the right mindset for myself. I have to be really relaxed that means mediating, or having a glass of wine or whatever works for you, because if I am stressed and thinking about “lifes worries” nothing is going to happen.

    – I also started readying aortic books. I bet the year 50 shades of Gray came out there as a baby boom lol. BUT when I am reading about sex and flirting, it gets me in the mood and my mind creates real life scenarios I can create. Super helpful!

    – Sex Stores. Dress up, role play, buy a wig, make it fun and try new things! Again the wine helps lol maybe even tequila

    – Working out and eating healthy. For me I have to feel comfortable in my own skin to be my best self and confident. I always notice when I am feeling off, my sex drive definitely drops.

    I hope this helps, let me know!