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Natalie EramoNatalie Eramo

    Hi Friends,

    I feel like I am getting way more anxious during this pandemic as well. It is like this really bad quick sand feeling – when it starts it is hard to stop and can really take control. BUT this is what I have been doing and i hope it helps!

    – Head space
    The best meditation app in my opinion. There are free trials and different time frames. The most calming voices can walk you though a mediation for 3 min or 10 min or anything in between.

    – Fresh Air
    It is really a game changer for me. Just opening windows or going for a walk around the block will calm me down. I always take 5 really BIG deep breaths, and even put my hands over my head. Probably look crazy but it works

    – Podcasts
    Tony Robbins and Brene Brown are my current obsessions. They are both motivational speakers, genius, and have documentaries/podcasts about managing many things, including stress and anxiety. They are also two very different people. If you prefer tough love, I would look into Tony, and if you prefer a more gentle but very effective message, Brene all the way! Look up their documentaries on Netflix.