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Natalie EramoNatalie Eramo

    Hi Ladies,

    TOTALLY feel this topic and honestly so happy we are talking about it. I am super self conscious about my weight and at times it can be a really bad obsession…

    With that said, I am really happy to say I am finally in a happy and positive place with food and my overall health. Instead of another diet, I did this program which honestly is a lifestyle change – that teaches you how your body burns fat first instead of sugar and how to turn it into a fat burning machine. It is literally called FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS (FWTFL) and for 6 weeks you have a personal coach teaching you so much valuable information.

    I feel so passionate about the program I just interviewed to become a coach myself (crossing fingers)! BUT if anyone is interested, check out this link below, and happy to answer any questions. I can always connect you guys with my coach too!

    BUT in the mean time – here are a few easy changes you can start today which will lead to results <3

    – intermediate fasting (eating within an 8 hour window frame) I like to do 12pm – 8pm but choose what works best for you!
    – only eating WHOLE FOODS. Ask yourself if it came from the ground, or if it has a mother. If the answer is yes, then you can eat it! Theres a reason behind this you learn about in the program
    – 30 min a day of any type of exercise! When I am not motivated, I will just go for nice walks and call my mom or friend a need to catch up with and before you know it 30 min is over. Then you can gradually increase, but consistency is key.

    Two other key concepts we focus on are counting your Macros (carbs, health fats, protein) and carb cycling. Happy to speak more to this if anyone wants to know more. I really really hope this helps and PLEASE let me know if you guys wanna know more. HAPPY TO HELP <3