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Brittany Lynn

    I feel this thread so hard.

    I have always struggled with my weight and I am not super public about it but I’ve always been insecure.

    I also gained the quarentine-15 (more like 25) but I recently bought a SoulCycle bike and it has motivated me so much to get back out there and move my body. Adopting a puppy has made me more active with running around the apartment, going for long frequent walks, and to dog parks. Having a support system (my fiance) that motivates me and encourages me to workout together makes it easier too.

    That being said, you have to listen to your body. Everyone is different and even if it is just a few walks around your block, it means something. I’ve had to teach myself that not everything is about a number on a scale. There are days when I look at the number and feel defeated. Then there are days when I look at my stats from my cycling class and I feel so strong and accomplished. I take it day by day! 🙂