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MaryKate SelgrathMaryKate

    Hi! I’ve definitely experienced something really similar to this, except I am still on birth control. I’ve been on the pill since I was about 15 to control my acne. I had NO IDEA until about 1 year ago that birth control could affect your mood that much (I’m 24 now). For the majority of my adult life I’ve been told I’m “moody” or that I am “bad at controlling my emotions” – I always just assumed that was a part of my personality. Now I’m wondering if it’s actually a part of who I am or if the pill is a part of the cause. I’m nervous to go off of birth control because at least right now I know what and when to expect my moods for the most part. I’m worried that going off the pill or changing it could make things worse.

    I just feel like overall I’m not educated enough on what to do about this – I had no idea that vitamins like that even existed. I might give those a try and see what happens. I also just scheduled an appointment with my gyno so that I can have a real conversation about this with her. I feel like this is something that needs to be talked about more! Thank you for sharing.