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Madeline OleszkiewiczMadeline O

    I also have a microadenoma roughly 4mm as well! I am curious if you had any other symptoms besides the lactation? I used to notice dried liquid on my bras when I was going through puberty in middle school (~2005-2008) and just ignored it – before I got my first period even. I haven’t noticed it ever since then but my prolactin levels have been tested numerous times throughout the years and have ranged from normal to very high!

    I got my period naturally one time in 2009 and then never again. It wasn’t until college (2013ish) that my gynecologist told me I had PCOS and I needed to go on birth control. I gained weight (especially in my boobs) and really hated it – tbh I loved not having a period and was careful with sex so didn’t need to be on it. So I was on and off birth control for a few years – my OBGYN told me I really needed to be taking it so that I can shed my uterine lining to prevent cancer.

    Aside from irregular periods, I believe I have hypothyroidism but no doctor has diagnosed me. I am constantly freezing – especially in my hands and feet. I have the worst night sweats to the point where I’ve changed PJs multiple times a night (but I will also be freezing at the same time… its the worst). I have awful constipation and I eat a very healthy diet, drink tons of water, am active, etc. Plus my mom and sister have hypothyroidism and it is a genetic disorder. Honestly I feel like I am going through menopause! Haha!

    The microadenoma certainly may be causing my hypothyroidism symptoms. While right now I do not have high prolactin levels, I wonder if there is something I could be taking similar to cabergoline that could help the tumor go away.

    I am frankly exhausted with doctors visits. I have moved from city to city a lot too so I am constantly on the hunt for a new OBGYN and endocrinologist and it is hard to find the right one and reexplain my history and symptoms every time and my journey has been so complicated I even forget what is going on.

    My biggest concern truly for me though is being able to conceive one day and not having any fertility issues. Since day 1 I have asked my doctors if this will impact my fertility and all they say is ‘we won’t know until you try’ but I want to do anything I can now while I can!! I am hoping to try in the next 4 years or so.

    Thank you for sharing!!