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Paige Carlotti

    I CANNOT RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH! I went to one in Lily Dale which is right outside of Buffalo, actually. I had an amazing experience. There is also a woman in Erie, Pa, named Christina who does phone/FaceTime consultations during this time—my sister went to her and had an awesome experience.

    I went to Lily Dale when I was 16 and she was spot on with a lot of things, so it was really cool. However, I will say I’ve decided not to go at age 28 just because I get a little freaked out when they try to tell you things about the future–I don’t want to know that stuff! I don’t even think that part is true (that’s where my religion comes into play, I think only God knows that), but it just makes my anxiety go crazy, you know? Like every guy I meet who fits the description of what the Medium said would probably send me into a tailspin haha so that’s why I’ve avoided them lately.

    HOWEVER, you can definitely ask them not to tell you things about the future, I’ve asked that before and they were respectful of that. I think Mediums are best when it comes to connecting with loved ones who have passed—I think some really have that gift. You have to be careful though, not all do, so when choosing one, I would definitely go with someone who has been recommended to you.

    More than happy to chat about this one-on-one, I really love this topic haha