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<span class=”ILfuVd” lang=”en”><span class=”hgKElc”><span tabindex=”0″ role=”tooltip”><span class=”c5aZPb” tabindex=”0″ role=”button” data-enable-toggle-animation=”true” data-extra-container-classes=”ZLo7Eb” data-hover-hide-delay=”1000″ data-hover-open-delay=”500″ data-send-open-event=”true” data-theme=”0″ data-width=”250″ data-ved=”2ahUKEwjuke-XjJaCAxUKr1YBHcaKAOgQmpgGegQIEhAD”><span class=”JPfdse” data-bubble-link=”” data-segment-text=”The spoon theory”>The spoon theory</span></span></span> explains that people in pain, sometimes called “Spoonies,” only have so many spoons to use per day. The spoons represent the limited amount of energy that chronic pain patients have.</span></span>