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    When trying to determine whether your symptoms are due to stress or something else, it’s important to pay attention to both physical and emotional symptoms. Here are some common signs and symptoms of stress that can help you tell the difference between stress and other conditions.
    Physical symptoms of stress:
    Labored breathing
    Panic attacks
    Blurred vision or pain
    Difficulty sleeping
    Muscle tension or pain
    Digestive problems (diarrhea or constipation)
    Changes in appetite or weight
    Weak immune system
    Emotional symptoms of stress:
    Irritability, anger or impatience.
    Feeling overwhelmed or overwhelmed
    Anxiety, panic or fear
    Racing thoughts or inability to switch off.
    Inability to enjoy activities.
    Depression or a feeling of lack of interest in life.
    A constant feeling of fear or anxiety
    Feeling abandoned, alone, or isolated