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Grace TrentonGrace Trenton

    This won’t help with the gas pains issue, but for anyone who wants to incorporate cauliflower in their diet but doesn’t like the taste, try the below way of preparing it. Just two ingredients: cauliflower and parmesan cheese.

    I’m on a low carb diet. I love salty, crunching snacks like any kind of chips, which are all of course very high in carbs. This is a very low carb alternative that while not identical to a chip, does satisfy my cravings for such.

    Steam cauliflower until it’s very soft. Mix in shredded parmesan cheese to taste. Place large “dollops” of the mix on parchment paper on a baking pan. Flatten each as much as possible. It’s not practical to get them as thin as a potato chip, but you can get them to be pretty darn thin. Bake at 300 degrees until done. What’s considered “done” varies by taste – by how crispy, without burning them, you want.

    Tastes great, and doesn’t really taste much like cauliflower. Cauliflower is very low in net carbs, and parmesan cheese is zero carb!