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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hey, I’ve had idiopathic scoliosis since I was 11 and a few years ago the pain became disabling.</p>
    The scoliosis curve is very important in getting a proper treatment plan, and if your scoliosis is idiopathic (with no specific cause) or congenital (the scoliosis was formed as a result of a different illness and cause a malformation as a fetus).

    As an adolescent, my scoliosis was managed by regular physiotherapy adjustments and I started yoga which helped massively.

    If your pain is unbearable but still have mild to moderate scoliosis (under 50 degrees), then you might want to get in touch with neurologists or orthopaedic surgeons. Mild to moderate scoliosis shouldn’t cause pain, as the curvature doesn’t hit any nerves, but if pain persists then other inflammatory or orthopaedic diseases might have caused your scoliosis.


    I’d love to keep in touch, I’m experiencing the same thing, along with disabling chronic pain at 21 and have exhausted many therapeutic options. I’m also a neuroscientist and can provide you with advice that works and is science backed (I received a lot of wrong opinions from unqualified people)