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Natalie EramoNatalie Eramo

    Hi Jane,

    I have the SAME PROBLEM with my acne, so I feel your pain and know it is soooo horrible. I have been going on 3 weeks now of trying to eliminate as much dairy as possible to see if it helps with my skin. Since dairy is an inflammatory food I figured why not!

    Some alternatives I am using are Nut milks (almond and oat) as well as creamers (NUTPODS is a great brand) if I need some extra flavor in coffee. VIOLIFE is a great dairy free brand for cream cheese and shredded cheese regarding flavor, and LAVA Plant Based Yogurt is delicious. Only time it is super hard for me to NOT cut dairy is when my Italian family comes over and we make meatballs…have to have that ricotta cheese lol.

    Other things I am trying and hoping to see results with is using clean products for skin care and makeup (specifically using Beauty Counter as alot of my family with similar skin saw awesome results).

    I hope this helps and wish ya the best!