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steph hSteph

    Hi Jane,

    I recently went predominately dairy-free and am happy to share my experience! Over the last couple years, I had really begun to limit my dairy intake. Abstaining from creamier dairy ala ice cream, yogurt and sour cream but still eating cheese. Mainly feta on a salad for lunch and the occasional, casual block of cheddar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I found that the creamier dairy made me feel more bloated and gassy vs. Cheese (although this could have been wishful thinking). I cut it all out before the holidays because of bloat and gas.  I am amazed at the effects. Obviously on the gas and bloating front but my skin has been more clear too, which is pretty nice side effect. I still have some acne, but breakouts and pimples are fewer and further between now that I cut out dairy. I would say I’m about 2-3 months in for no dairy and plan to stay that way for the majority of the time, while still eating cheese on occasion.

    Give it a try! Would love torear how it goes for you!