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Cam BCam

    Hi Sarah! I actually went through a very similar situation with doctors and my frustration, and in the end it was Hashimotos too! I actually had thyroid cancer as well, so for me the best solution was to remove my thyroid, but being on Synthroid has totally changed my life in the best way. But I too went to tons of doctors and specifically asked them to run bloodwork to check my thyroid (I researched on my own and felt like a thyroid issue was the only explanation for EVERY issue I had) and for two years no one could find anything. I had been taking a hair, skin and nails supplement that was extremely high in biotin, which I later learned could screw thyroid bloodwork and basically mask the issues. SO, my bloodwork kept coming back normal. I randomly stopped taking the supplement and had another round of bloodwork done 2 or so weeks later and it was entirely different.

    I completely understand the frustration with people constantly telling you you’re fine and to just stop stressing about something that’s not there. You ALWAYS know your body better than anyone and shouldn’t give up until you find someone that believes you. I’m glad you finally got the answers/support you needed. 🙂