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    After we got home, I stayed awake thinking about this all night. It was NYE. I knew I needed Femunity. It has given me the opportunity to share this link with my sister, cousin and closest friend… which has helped me process some more.

    Some thoughts:

    Maybe my boyfriend needs to speak with his friend, the one from eighth grade. She’s a strong beautiful woman and this is her story. She trusted my boyfriend enough to share, and maybe they need to explore some of this together before my boyfriend will really be able to effectively engage with his guy friend.

    Does my boyfriend even have the skills to engage with his guy friend? How do guys hold each other accountable? We’ve all seen so many examples where men can look the other way. My boyfriend is a righteous, good person. But, he does hate conflict. But, If there was no consent, then it was rape. Maybe I just need to keep discussing this with him, in non-personal ways.

    My boyfriend had no idea about the incident with the other friend that happened in college. And after learning of it, he is now just beginning to realize the extent of the abuse.

    My boyfriend comes back to our city tonight. I can’t wait to see him, and talk to him.