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    I’ve learned about inflammation recently, and how much inflammation affects our hormones. I’ve always scoffed a bit at people who eat gluten-free because I know how few people actually have the allergy to it, BUT, it’s not that gluten is actually the problem, it’s just our normal American diet eats gluten WAYYY out of moderation. And dairy too, which I love, is inflammatory. And meat… It sucks. But, diet really really affects my mood. My relationship with food hasn’t always been the most easy, I’ve been disorded for sure. But, “eating” my water has helped, most people are like really dehydrated. And I learned that “gel” water is super hydrating, so like, say if you’re feeling thirsty, eating a cucumber is WAY more hydrating than chugging a glass of water because of the nutrients. So starting my day with just an easy Spinach, water, some frozen fruit, green smoothie has really helped my mood actually, because it helps me get hydrated early (but I still forget to drink water enough at work during the day). As far as the gluten/dairy stuff, my discipline is shit, I just haven’t really made the decision to cut it out completely, but just being a little more intentional about eating less gluten and dairy probably has made an impact on overall inflammation in my diet, and therefore my hormones.


    Also, therapy is awesome. I fear committment and haven’t been in a few years. But something my spirital director said once (she’s also a therapist), notice and feel, and then let it go. It helps to be able to recognize my emotions, makes it is little easier to get out of a mood… sometimes!

    Therapists really do have the tools to help us understand our emotions and work with them.

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