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    I hate the feeling of not knowing exactly how my conversations went the night before. Like even if I didn’t black out, did I miss a cue that someone was uncomfortable or did I just say the wrong thing and not even really notice? Alcohol sucks. I get high too and that’s shitty for my body, too. I’ve considered going sober. I met someone this past year who was the most wonderful soul, he was a young husband and father. His family recognized there was a real problem with substance and he had a really good rehab experience. I definitely don’t have that privilege, or really like that type of addiction I guess? But, his sobriety was really inspiring. I met him back in the Fall and think about their family a lot. My boyfriend drinks a lot, he doesn’t get depressed or anxious like I do (sometimes it’s mid-party, sometimes its the next day). But even if he doesn’t get emotionally down, it’s not good for his body! Sucks that it’s such a part of our life. It would be really hard to be counter-cultural and sober. Thanks for helping me think about this tough stuff. Moderation I guess. When I get really blasted, oh yeah, my mind and body are messed up for days.