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    Every time I would shave I’d get ingrown hairs all over my bikini line, I was always so embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or change/try on clothes in front of anyone since I thought it looked so gross. After many years of shaving, occasionally waxing (but never sticking to it because I hated letting it grow so much to get waxed again), nair, ingrown hair serums, etc., I finally splurged on laser hair removal and it is LIFE CHANGING. Definitely a pricy option, but SO worth the cost since it pretty much lasts forever once you finish all the sessions. I completed a majority of the total sessions but then COVID hit and I haven’t been able to go in months to finish up all the sessions you need for it to be fully permanent, so I occasionally have to shave, but I still have absolutely no ingrown hairs. Would highly recommend laser!!!