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    I’ve suffered with migraines as well since I was about 7 years old. They are a constant struggle but the preventive regimen I’ve been on for the last few years has really kept them under control quite well.
    Hope this can be of some assistance!
    Preventive medications: Emgality injection once a month, Inderal 2x day (I also had tried Botox for a year, while it did help some the Emgality ended up working better for me personally)
    Medications during migraine episodes: sumatriptan injections for very bad episodes, rizatriptan dissolvable pill for mild, zofran for nausea related symptoms… if a migraine is very bad I also usually take Benadryl with torodol my doctor has prescribed to me. I’ve landed in the ER many times with bad migraines and they usually give a “cocktail” as they like to call it lol it usually includes IV Benadryl, IV toradol, zofran or reglan so my doctor tries to help me have those things available at home to avoid trips to the ER.

    While all the medications usually work for me when I have a migraine episode my doctor has also advised to not take too much of them (ie several days in a row) because they can cause “rebound headaches”. So it’s definitely a balance and I’m usually in contact with my doc if I have recurring episodes. Would def recommend getting a good neruologist!