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Leigh E.

    Hey there! I made the switch to a menstrual cup when I went off my birth control in July and I love it. Honestly the most “challenging” part is figuring out insertion but it’s nothing that complicated. Most cups that you buy come with instructions about insertion (there’s different ways to fold the cup), removal (you just need to undue the suction by squeezing the cup as you take it out), and cleaning (use boiling water in between periods).
    I recommend the MeLuna cup. I also googled “best menstrual cups” when I was thinking of switching and there was a whole article comparing the different cups on the market.
    I also invested in some reusable pads which I recommend when you start off using the cup to deal with some possible leakage.
    Hope this is helpful! As I said I love it and it’s nice not having to buy tampons or pads anymore. Also the added benefit of less waste!