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    I definitely forgot about night sweats until you mentioned it! It would happen to me once in awhile but not frequently.

    I think the main reason I was put on cabergoline was because my prolactin was consistently elevated and since the microadenoma was detectable in the second MRI when it wasn’t in the first. If it’s not growing or secreting prolactin, I think doctors like to keep you off it since it can cause a lot of side effects.

    I know the journey is exhausting. However, since fertility is important to you, it really helps to have a endo/gyno in your corner. Mine were in the same medical group, and this made it a little less exhausting since they had access to the same test results and charts. I talk to both about fertility about 1/year and they’re fairly optimistic and talk me through back up plans should I have difficulty conceiving when that time comes.

    Have any of your doctors talked about taking metformin for PCOS?